sun holidays??

Found 15th Feb 2011
Hi there all,

was just wondering if anyone knows weather on the sun holidays, where you have to collect tokens, once the conformation is through, is it possible to change names on it? I have had mine through today and not sure if we will be able to make it, so im wondering weather to give it away/sell and is there a fee for name change etc, and what route to go down??

Any answers will be gratefully received xx
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They will probably charge a fee however if you give it away they are unlikely to check ID at the site. All they ask for is the booking confirmation when you arrive, it's not the Spanish Inquisition
Why change the name... We went butlins in October on a sun holiday that a friend gave us, and it was in their name. We just showed the confirmation and that was it.

We are also going away in may... another sun holiday on the Isle of wight (another gift from a friend (they are going to spain now instead).

You don't have to show any ID. Obviously if its a close friend or family member then changing name shouldn't matter but if selling to a stranger then you may wan't to for your own identity safety.

ok thank you x
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