Sun holidays and extending them prices?????

    I booked a sun £9.50 hol fro 30th may for 3 nights, we are going as a family and they have been moaning about how long it is and wish it could be for longer! As its half term i didnt expect to be asked by park resorts if i wanted to extend it. I recieved a letter today and have now booked from 28th instead giving us more days and nights to do things and relax.
    Im now thinking is this the norm for them to do this?? Im thinking of booking another hol in cornwall through sun holidays, as this will be cheaper ?? only cost £30 for an extra 2 nights, so if i book another fri-mon hen extend again will be cheaper than brochure price by far!? Is there many havens holidays saving about for August???

    Sorry for going on loads prob dont make sense as have huge migraine! Hopefully someone can help, Lou


    Yes, we have done this a number of times (The wife is away next week on one of these trips) and she has upgraded the accomodation & the duration.

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    So worth me booking a holiday in cornwall with the sun hols then? Just that im in norwich traveling by train couldnt handle travelling there spending two days then back with a 1 year old lol
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