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    Hello, i managed to get booked in with the sun holiday promotion for the 8th of september at thorpe park with haven, I was just wondering if anyone had any experiance of using haven with a sun holiday, as this is my first holiday using the sun offer. Also how much does it cost to upgrade your caravan as i presume it will be the lowest class of caravan they will offer me.


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    this is how it happens, in my experience

    they will send your your booking confirmation in the post very soon.

    with it will be a leaflet giving costs for accomadtaion upgrades and extending your stay

    you ring the number and discuss it with the lady, it all depends on avalibilty. sometimes she will ask you to ring the week before

    once i didn't upgrade my accomadation and was luckily given a gold caravan, cos thats all they had left

    there can also be opportunity to upgrade upon arrival, before seeing what you have been given, (so there is still a gamble there too)

    Yeah you can upgrade as soon as you get your confirmation through, just give them a ring and be cheeky and ask for something near the facilities, they usually oblige

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    thanks for your comments guys, have some rep:thumbsup:

    depending what you want the upgrade for, when you ring the park tell them what you want. (with us it was heating cos Ankle Muncher was about 8 months old first time round and second time round it was for a van with no bunk beds cos my mum was coming with us). When we called the park they checked out the vans they had a vailable and simply changed our booking to a standard van that was lucky enough to have what we needed. Of course this may not work so well if you in the hight of summer when the parks are full to burting point.
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