Sun - Leona Shows Her Facts

    I learnt yesterday on that its important to wear sunglasses when youre out in the sun to protect your eyes from being damaged

    Have you ever got burnt?


    yes at a bonfire.

    When I was a kid,my parents and litrally everyone else i knew never wore sunscreen.

    It's good we more in know these days and I always make sure my kids and myself wear sunscreen,hats etc,yeh I got lots of sunglasses and they proper approved ones.

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    Ouch Bonfire

    I know kids need more protection, parents let them get away

    got burnt badly in egypt had blisters on the back of my knees the size of saucers and ouch they hurt!

    I'm really quite pale in Summer cos I not into sunbathing or anything,milk bottle legs my Mums calls me.

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    I think the Government needs more adverts on TV For kids

    Ive been burnt a few times.

    Damn emotions.


    How many Mums have you got. :w00t:

    typing error,just the 1!
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