Sun Lotion Wipes....not self tanning wipes.

    Used to use Pampers Sunnies when my boys were young but thought they'd be great for in their school bags. They've been discontinued!

    So, does anyone know where I can get something similar? Have tried Tesco and Asda and searched on line to no joy.

    I know I could send them in with small bottles but then their "friends" get hold of it and it ends up everywhere!

    Thanks in advance



    I expect if they've been discontinued it would be a safety issue on something as important as sun protection. I would go with bottles to be honest, perhaps leave the bottles with the teacher with their name on a sticky label on the bottle?

    i think they were stopped due to lack of protection tbh!!

    you can get a roller ball suncream in boots no squidging needed!!!

    my boys get it everywehre these are really good!!

    Original Poster

    I thought as much, it's just for topping up during the day as they get smothered before they go out!

    I've just seen those roll on as BOGOFs in Boots so I'll get a couple of those.

    Thanks for the replies.

    avon used to do them, but if they were withdrawn due to possibly not actually providing protection, i'm a bit concerned.
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