sun saver code unused

Found 9th Jul 2017
Has anyone got a unused sun saver code they could private message me please as I forgot to buy the paper thanks
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PM not enabled
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PM not enabled

Sorry it is now!

Sorry it is now!

Just tried again not able to send, not sure but I think you have to make a certain amount of comments before you can use PM. Is it the VIP bonus code you need?
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Yes it is it's the 8 digit code I need

Yes it is it's the 8 digit code I need

Thats what I've got, still can't PM just tried again.
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Oh well never mind thanks though for trying

Sorry it is now!

Make sure you have "admin only" pm,s unticked.
Here's an unused code from Thursday, hope of use to someone.
5f6n e69w
And a mail rewards for the same day
16 79 51 57 61 84
Looking for unused sun saver codes from Wednesday to Friday this week. Would be much appreciated as I recycled the papers without taking out the codes. Thanks
Any one got any codes I could have ? Cheers
Anyone have a spare code for today
Hi there does anybody have a spare code from today please? My local shop has ran out of papers. I would really appreciate it!
Please can someone pm me a code from monday or yesterday?
Could anyone please let me know the right digit code from Wednesday. Thanks in advance.
Hi I’ve messed up with the sun saver codes I didnt book last year and I hadn’t realised the system had changed. I’ve saved the wrong codes week 🙈🙈 I’ve got my priority code and went to book but haven’t got any of the 8 character codes, I saved easy bath etc 🙈🙈 would anyone mind helping me out with them please?
Has anyone got a code from Mon 15, kitten was poorly so couldn't get out.
Has anybody got a unisex code for Sun savers code for thursday 15th february 2018 that they wouldn’t mind posting on here for me to use ?
Hi all looking for 12th Feb savers code if anyone is kind enough please.
Hi all looking for 12th Feb savers code if anyone is kind enough please.
Does anyone have an unused savers code from Tuesday 14th completely forgot to grab a paper. Thank you
I have to get just one more 8 digit code from the Sun from last week please . Mon 19 th Tues 20 Weds 21Thurs 22
I have a few codes for the 16th of feb. But I need one code myself from any of these dates 21,22,23,24,27
I have seven 8 digit codes between 20th and 26th Feb, but am looking for 2 myself before the 20th Feb. How about a swap
Has anyone got the code for 11th March please
Has anyone one got the code for sun 18 th for Alton towers please
I’m looking for today’s sun saver code, does anyone have one? My local co-op and Spar have run out of papers pleaseeee
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Hi I need the 18th,19th and 20th please I have the 17th to give and tomorrows🤞🏽
6P24 WNPY is a spare one for yesterday if anyone needs it. Please reply if you use it.
Has anyone got a code for yesterday as need one more code as missed yesterday
Hi i dont suppose anyone has a spare code do you onky 1 short and alrwdy brought todays coyld swap for spare codes i have for other days that ive brought 2 papers thanks wohld appreciate it
Has anyone got any unused codes if so could you please private message me thanks
Don't suppose anyone has a code from Friday 13th ? Haha just my luck I miss that one hahah
Went in Asda Hull always check no in The Sun on fri 19th July it stated it had been used so went to newspaper area and with my mobile tried 6 sun newspapers Everyone had been taken.Was it a mistake of the newspaper or had Asda or Sun staff registered these and then put them out for sale.
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