Found 4th Aug 2010
morning all i have found a good deal for a holiday on sun4u, has anyone had any experiences with this company??? cheers

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Not me but parents went with them a couple of years ago and had the first 2 days of the holiday from hell. Went to Majorca was meant to be in a 3* apartment when they got there it was a 1* hostel room couldnt swing a cat in there the food they said woudnt even give a stray dog, spent 2 days trying to sort it out and company didnt want to know, ending up having to pay to move to a different hotel

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was it allocated on arrival then coz we have specified the hotel


was it allocated on arrival then coz we have specified the hotel

it wasnt but the hotel had 2 seperate bits they had obv overbooked and had moved some of the 3* people into the other side which was more like a hostel had loads of complaints

Did you book with them in the end bellows? I hope not.

Apparently like goldtrail they took bookings right up to the last minute, crooks
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