Found 30th Jun 2009
Been on D of E this weekend, and my ears are so sore and have blistered. Anyone got any recommendations on how to soothe it and get the ears back to norm - its really embarassing having peeling skin on the top of my ear

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Tomato sauce?

Try some natural yogurt. It might help with the burning feeling

Worked a treat with my sunburn years ago ;-)


chop em off!:viking:


aloe vera, or vitamin e

ket tube of aloe vera and stick it in the fridge....get the 1 with 98%/100% av

hair conditioner

don't laugh but i was told vinegar helps with burning... don't know how true it is tho and will smell worse than the other suggestions :lol:

oh and i've never tried it so dont know if its true.... don't think i would try it either lol

If you can get to Beeston I'll give you an Aloe Vera plant, it is so handy having a plant if you get burnt by sun or fire jsut brake a leaf off and split it open and rub it on and the pain just goes and the urn starts to go, best thing in the world for it
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