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    With the sun getting hotter etc, plus we are off on hols soon i am needing suncream for my 5 boys, trouble is last couple of years i have tried numerous children/adult creams and they come out in a rash for days so it ruins the holiday and time out and about with them as they whinge they are itchy etc

    The one i havent tried is a E45 one, anyone had this problem and found a good cream out there??



    is it from the cream or because the pores are blocked? or pric*ly heat?

    lol i cant believe i couldnt write that!! it auto changed after i posted!

    I use boots baby suncream which is factor 50 on all my little ones. Never had a problem with it even though my 3 girls are prone to allergic reactions


    lol i cant believe i couldnt write that!! it auto changed after i posted!

    Lol no pri*ckly heat for you then!

    weird really when i just saw f****** got through...

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    Tried boots, brought them out in a reaction as well, not pric*ly heat its deffo allergic reaction.

    Will check out the reviews, i dont know why i cant have straight forward kids lol

    why dont you ask the doctor? maybe he can prescribe something better? and free?

    When I saw the title I thought this was offering a trade? How much suncream was you offering?


    weird really when i just saw f****** got through...

    Filter doesnt work on first post on a thread for some reason!

    my mates son has really sensitive skin as well as suffering from excema, she calledthe doctor for advice on suncreams as we're all going on holiday to spain soon and the doctor told her to use factor 30 or under as creams that are over factor 30 are wax based and that can cause a reaction to his skin. anything under 30 should be ok and just to apply it more regularly. hope you manage to find one that agrees with them and you have a good holiday

    My son also suffered with rashes from suncream, the only make he can use is Nivea.

    On a serious note this is of interest to me because I suffer psoriasis and can only use non perfumed toiletries, its only flared up over the last few weeks so I await the summer and sun protecton creams reactions!

    My kids have very sensitive skin and have both had eczema in the past. I have had real problems finding a sun cream to suit them as they both come up with a rash (sound familiar?!). The only one I have found that works was recommended to me, BUT ... are you sitting down? ... it is very expensive!

    It is the Avene Very High Sun Protection range SPF 40, available at Boots for £15.95 for the spray.…326

    There are a few discount codes for Boots spends at the moment - notably this one…dv/

    Sometimes at the end of the season you can find it reduced & stock up for next year - good luck.

    my little ones suffer from *****ly heat,and the only one that works for us is ambre solair.its buy one get one free in boots at the mo too!

    We have sensitive skin in our family and I sometimes have a reaction to some sun creams but have found Banana Boat is good

    We using Ambre Solair Childrens Factor 50 Milk. It's about £10.99 a bottle but might be bogof at moment in Boots.

    The only one that I've been able to use without reaction is Piz Buin allergy. Has been good for my very sensitive skin.
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