sunderland -or - liverpool match on anywhere?? please

    cant believe these matches are not on - just because its carling cup

    england is one of the biggest footballing nations in the world

    there are only 3 major trophies teams can win - FA cup - League winners - and Carling Cup - and the major tv companies dont think its good enough to be aired -

    pzzed off


    We are gonna stuff Sunderland. Mark my words.

    is it not on that justin tv? or is that just national games.

    o wait i get it..its not being televised full stop?

    YAY...sorry hubby is a liverpool nut so stops him hoggin tv tonight!

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    We are gonna stuff Sunderland. Mark my words.

    im next door to you emasu - bucks- hope they do - northampton hot tonite - oooooh cruel play on words:whistling:

    Original Poster

    lpool crewe - 1-1 oooooops
    gooners 1 up

    emasu - nn 1 up - yesssssssssss

    Or here ]http//ww…tml

    Currently 1-0 United RONALDO the scorer


    Or here ] 1-0 … Or here ] 1-0 United RONALDO the scorer

    Currently 1-1 Draw JOHNSON the scorer

    I'm so lolling now.



    I'm so lolling now.

    Me too
    5 minutes left we were 2-0 down, 5 mins later and sunderland back in the game with only 10 men :-D

    ok whats the score ? liverpool better be winnin


    livertpool 2-1

    going ever so slightly wrong now.


    livertpool 2-1


    United win 3-1 Ronaldo, Giggs, Nani

    For them Adam Johnson

    Pogatetz got Red for being a dirty Ba***** and breaking Possebons leg.
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