Sunglasses (Armani)

    I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get cheap sunglasses preferably Armani? Ive searched around but im not sure what sites/shops would many recommend or which ones i should stay away from?




    to be honest, your best bet would be to get it from the Armani shop itself as I always go there myself and find many bargains and yep you must be thinking what am I on? Im a stundent and love shopping at Armani shop at Bond st. London as I always find 50% off many items and of those including sunglasses and I bought a pair for 60 and it was the Armani Avaitors.In amazment. other retailers were retailing the same pair for over £120 and that was the orginal asking price at Armani before the sale.......Honestly, pop down often as they have many 50% discount at many times throughout the year....

    can get some good pairs of ebay, i bought some for 40£ and yep they were originals LOL (they actually were)
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