sunrise alarm clock, or SAD lightbox

    Has anybody tried these, and do they work?
    Any good deals about?


    I don't know about any deals but I use a lightbox and I have noticed it makes a difference, well worth the money for me!

    Yes and No!!

    Yes I bought a Sunrise Alarm clock, and No it did nothing at all.

    Wasted £75 and it broke within a year.:x

    Amazon currently have this on offer ( mixed reviews)…011

    I've got a sunrise clock. Makes me feel brighter when I wake up. Sorry a bit brief...been sitting on COD thread nearly all night!

    My wife got a lightbox from Ebay a few years back.She reckoned it made her feel slightly better.
    I reckoned if she stopped watching all those miserable bloody soaps she'd feel 100% happier.
    Really,if you've got nothing better to do than sit infront of a light for a few it SAD or is it just a dull life ?
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