Suns out, time to cut the grass!

    Unfortunately my flymo from last year has packed up!

    I was going to buy another one, but after googling flymo reviews they all get 1 or 2 stars and have a huge list of faults.

    So, can anyone recommend a more reliable and not too expensive alternative?




    a goat


    a goat


    And if you have a large lawn then 2 goats


    a goat

    Damn! Beat me to it.

    Hammer a peg into the centre, put the goat on a chain and you have a perfect circular lawn!

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    Blimey, you guys are in a good mood for a Monday ;-)

    I added rep to all 3 of you!


    Blimey, you guys are in a good mood for a Monday ;-)I added rep to all 3 … Blimey, you guys are in a good mood for a Monday ;-)I added rep to all 3 of you!


    on a serious note, i have a black and decker one i picked up from homebase a couple of years ago, same price range as the flymo - it has adjustable wheels, not hover and it has been good. Hasnt been used in two years as we killed the grass off to lay new one this year, so will be testing it in a few weeks.

    Hi Dude1971, funnily enough I am in the same boat...

    Which? recommend a Flymo Venturer 35 but if you don't want a Flymo then the other brand to look for is the Bosch Rotak...

    I'll let you know if I find any deals.

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    bought this ]little fella from Homebase yesterday as they had a 15% off day only cost £44.99, ideal for our garden, does what it says on the tin :thumbsup:

    not very impressed with hover mowers !
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