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Found 11th Jul 2008
Hi all,

where is the best place to buy suntan lotion (Nivea etc).

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Boots or The Body Shop
supermarkets usually have deals on such as buy one get one half price, or 2 for £12 and so on, look in asda or tesco next time your shopping.
Boots have alot of buy one get one free offers at the moment...inc Nivea
was in Tesco earlier and they had Piz Buin and Ambre Solaire at half price...also on there web site although cant see the Piz Buin on line.
is sun tan lotion ever "full price" mmm

The supermarkets and boots are still a con, go to stores like Home Bargains, Savers or Semi Chem depending on when in the country you are and you will get two for less than the £12 that boots and co charge

Eg Semichem website shows the following as an example with lots of other offers in store, same with home bargains and the others

Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF8

boots are doing Nivia (which the op mentioned) for £10.99 buy one get one free.
If you want to go cheap look out for No Add lotion
Boots also do their own brand (never tried it, i like nivea too) for £4.49 buy one get one free
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