super mario galaxy

    hi quick question, wana get my kiddies (and me!) a fun game. kids love the new super mario bros (finally completed it on friday yay) and am thinking of super mario galaxy.

    is it similar in gameplay. son is 7. thanks



    Well it's definitely a Mario game but it plays very differently with it being a 3D platformer as opposed to NSMB's 2D action. Personally I didn't like it but it has rave reviews so must be ok.

    Not all the game is totally 3D, a few levels are side scrolling with boxes etc.

    Your kids will love it, I love it so just buy it.

    And if you want, buy the one with the extra DVD (it's like the same price).


    Its a platformer but a completely different style of platformer. Still, your son might well enjoy it. It is an amazing game.

    my son is 4 and enjoys playing mario galaxy, although he does need help from me with the controls, its a great game

    we have mario galaxy 1 and 2 and they are really good games my 6yr old girl loves them. if you arent sure if its your thing maybe buy the first one rather than the new one as we only paid abt £8 off ebay for the first game.

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    excellent. thanks people x

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    thanks dcx
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