Super mario game for nintendo ds

Hi im looking into buying the latest mario game for my son for his ds, cud any1 tell me which is the latest 1 out at the mo and if thats the best 1 to buy,they all just look the same to me,thanxs


this is the new one for the ds…MI8
might be cheaper elsewhere.

New super mario bros.

But it should be in misc ;-)

And as if by magic............It was

hey fox


this is the new one for the … this is the new one for the ds be cheaper elsewhere.

That's not the latest Mario game, that particular one was released in 2006.

I think the latest ones released are Mario and Sonic at the winter olympic games, and Mario and Luigi Bowsers inside story (both released Oct 09)


Mario & Luigi - Bowsers Inside Story isnt a traditional side-scrolling Mario game.

How old is your son? New Super Mario Bros is the best Mario game on the DS by a distance.

Der r newer 1s but mario64 and new super mario r da best 1s so get im 1 of dem.

New Super Mario Bros DS appeal's to any age.

Super Mario 64 would appeal to 6 or 7+ year old as the controls are a bit difficult.

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time / Bowser's Inside Story would suite a 9 or 10+ year old as there is a lot of text to read and humour to 'get'.
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