Supercard & Superpass2?

    Im looking into playing backups on my DS. Can anyone explain to me what I need exactly?

    I have done some reading and found i need a supercard and a superpass2?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    If I should not be posting this here please delete.



    I think you'll be okay, even though it's a dubious question.
    You're correct that you need a Supercard and Superpass of some variety.
    Might be worth be pursuing these links:

    Latest info:

    Apparently good source:…ite

    Admittedly not up-to-date on the best prices but the above were HUKD sourced by happy people...

    I would go for one of the new devices that uses a mini-SD card and plugs into the DS socket and avoids the need of having two cards plugged in.

    There are a few around such as the [COLOR=#ff0000]SuperCard DS(ONE), DS Linker etc.[/COLOR]
    Take a look here: ]http//ww…om/

    I have just got a DS Linker card which has 1Gb memory built in. The reason I bought it is so I can put all the kids games on the one card so when they go to their friends they are not swapping cards and ending up coming home without one or two. It has proved ideal for that.

    There is a very nice 'all in one' solution but I hear they're like gold dust at the moment. Naturally they're also more expensive

    Things have moved on now! they now use (microsd)

    you need to get a supercard ds one, m3 or r4ds.

    I got my supercard from [url][/url]
    I got my mini sd one from [url][/url]

    Welcome to HUKD sway


    Im looking into playing backups on my DS. Can anyone explain to me what I … Im looking into playing backups on my DS. Can anyone explain to me what I need exactly?I have done some reading and found i need a supercard and a superpass2?Any help would be appreciated.If I should not be posting this here please delete.Thanks

    May be a stupid question ... how do you take a backup of a DS game from your original and put it on one of these cards??

    I purchased one of these cards so that we could put several games on the one card to avoid the kids having to take all the originals to their friends, taking them in and out of the DS and leaving some behind on the floor!

    I initially downloaded some ROMS off the internet and a few days later I received an "abise report" from my ISP saying I had downloaded copyrighted material and my account could be terminated. Obviously ROMs are open to abuse and they were not to know I actually owned the originals, so how do you get the ROMs without the threat of having your internet account terminated?

    ^ download them elsewhere :P


    ^ download them elsewhere :P

    What from somewhere other than the internet?

    How do I know that "elsewhere" will also not throw up another "abuse report"?

    That's interesting to know. Which provider do you use?


    That's interesting to know. Which provider do you use?

    We are with PIPEX.

    [SIZE=2]Entertainment Software Association575 7th Street, NW, Suite … [SIZE=2]Entertainment Software Association575 7th Street, NW, Suite 300Washington, DC 20004 USAAttention: Intellectual Property EnforcementTelephone: 202-223-2400E-mail: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]18 Jan 2007 10:09:59 GMTISP: Pipex Internet LtdESA Reference Number: xxx-xxxxxxxxDear Pipex Internet Ltd:The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is a U.S. trade association that represents the intellectual property interests of numerous companies that publish interactive games for video game consoles, personal computers, handheld devices and the Internet in the United States and in other countries (collectively referred to as ESA members). ESA is authorized to act on behalf of ESA members whose copyright and other intellectual property rights it believes to be infringed as described herein.ESA is providing this letter of notification to make Pipex Internet Ltd aware of material on its network or system that infringes the exclusive copyright rights of and is unlawful towards one or more ESA members.Through the Berne Convention and other international treaties covering intellectual property rights, ESA believes that its members' rights in such entertainment software products are entitled to the full protection of the intellectual property law as well as other relevant laws of your country.Based on the information at its disposal, ESA has a good faith belief that the IP address below infringes the rights of one or more ESA members by offering for sale or download unauthorized copies of game products protected by copyright, or offering for sale or download material that is the subject of infringing activities. The copyrighted works that have been infringed include but are not limitedto: .....[/SIZE]

    Never used it before, but we used eMule to download the files. Perhaps it originated from within eMule??

    omg emule is rigged it lets your service provider know exactly what youve downloaded i reccomend azureus next time but good luck explaining yourself to pipex (the worst isp in the world)
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