Superdrug 38% Cashback via Quidco



Doesn't appear in mine, only shows 19%.
If I'm signed out and click on the link it shows 38%, account specific?
19% only
Only 19% for me???
New accounts maybe?
Premium Members (paying £1/month). Worth it.
19% for me?
I’m premium but only shows 19%
It’s because he has just signed up to Quidco. It come up this offer for me but when I signed in to me account it dropped back to 19%
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mousey29/11/2019 11:04

I’m premium but only shows 19%

Need to upgrade to the new Premium membership @ £1/month (not the old Premium membership).
karlie8829/11/2019 10:59

Premium Members (paying £1/month). Worth it.

Nope not for me
Just to clarify its not a new account. However i am a premium quidco member (which is £1 a month) I think it must be because i am premium, i didnt realise before sorry
Yep, anyone seeing 19% needs to sign up to their new premium tier (read up on it first). Then there's lots of double cashback offers running today only, including this one.
Bought the Oral B toothbrush for £30 then potentially around £12 cashback! Great deal!
Gutted! Ordered through topcashback which was 20%!
jamhops29/11/2019 11:08

Nope not for me

You're on the old Premium (£5/year). Need to be on the new Premium sub @ £1/month.
Doesn't matter as they won't pay it anyway.
Don't forget the £10 off when you spend £60
sandra8929/11/2019 11:34

Gutted! Ordered through topcashback which was 20%!

Thanks, only got 19% on quid Co so rather go through topcashback
I just registered with Quidco and to my understanding I have to log in to their website first then click on Superdrug deal, shop - I will get paid to Quidco acc and I have to transfer to my bank?
Hey all

The 38% rate for all purchases with Superdrug is still live for our new premium members. This is part of our Black Friday double cashback promotion. All you need to do is upgrade to our new premium to unlock double cashback rates immediately. You can find out more info on our new premium membership here
The membership may be worth it if the cashback payout is guaranteed. Else it is a one sided contract.
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