Superdrug payment declines

Posted 16th Nov 2022
Its been happening for two weeks the payment keeps declining, tried different browsers, cards and devices but same issue. Anyone having the same issue? Can someone please help
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    SD might not like your network source.
    The image implies the device is connected to wifi. Try disabling wifi & use cellular connection.
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    Hi thanks try that too nothing seems to help
  2. Armi's avatar
    It could be you need to approve the payment via your bank app.
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    Its all fine with the bank i dont know whats wrong
  3. matthew.jones21's avatar
    Cant say its the same as you say its been happening for years but we had payments declined on my wife's nationwide card a few days ago. When I contacted the bank they said that banks are being asked to perform extra checks and merchants have been asked to migrate to a new sort of payment thing (I won't lie, I cant remember fully what was said and didn't quite understand)
    They said if a merchant hasn't migrated properly the payment will be refused by them. I used my santander card and it was fine, nationwide said it was because of their extra checks that the payments were refused
  4. amz84uk's avatar
    I'm having the same issue recently. It seems that it's due to me making multiple orders with them, to take advantage of their various offers.

    Superdrug don't like people taking advantage of all their offers, and try to keep it fair for others - bit silly to be honest.

    I'm not sure how to get around this, other than going into one of their stores and buying, which is absolutely fine!
  5. butterfly305's avatar
    Has anyone managed to fix this issue ?
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    Nope no luck
  6. JZY's avatar
    I had the same issue.. so frustrating. I managed to make it work after a few days by checking out as guest and using a different bank card (Lloyds). Kept getting the same error after i made orders using my Amex, natwest and santander previously.
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    Have you tried paying with your other cards that you used previously again? Does it work now? (edited)
  7. nikallaluci's avatar
    It’s because I had 4 things in my basket, I changed it to 2 items then got charged for delivery but payment went through that time! A@@ oles
  8. ScorchingHot's avatar
    This is STILL an issue. I can place one order a day with my bank card it seems, and if you try to place a 2nd, it declines. I've also tried using a different card; it allows me to place one order, and then any orders after this get declined. It's beyond ridiculous. A retailer that's preventing people from buying their stock? Makes sense!
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