LocalFound 21st Jul 2017
Anyone else having problems with the Superdrug website??
I use Superdrug quite a lot but the last 2-3 days when trying to checkout or login or even press the categories section at the top to select a particular item it just wont do anything, wont even load, its as if I haven't pressed anything. I have items in my basket (from previous times) but I cant get on to the checkout/view basket etc.
If anyone can shed some light as to why or what's happening id be very grateful!
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Try using a different browser.
I ordered yetserday had no problems, clear you browsing history and try again - this should solve it
Thanks - I will try this. Fingers crossed!
I've placed an order via them on Wednesday and also today, free delivery for members. Try In a private browser if you don't want to clear your cookies and cache :P
I'm having the same problem. I have cleared the cache, cookies...and tried Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. I have never encountered this problem with Superdrug's site, but I've had ongoing issues with Boots for well over a year now, even after trying all those suggestions, and then some. So far, those are the only 2 sites that have given me grief.
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