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Found 26th Dec 2012
I have received a super dry coat but I could really do with the money, does any one know if I can do this ?
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Good to see the spirit of Christmas alive and well!!!
online or instore? just get whoever purchased it you to return it and get the money instead.

happy holidays
if you want the money you will need to get the receipt. without a receipt, some stores may give you a credit note which means you can only use the credit to buy other things in their store.

i much prefer to receive money as presents as i can then buy what i want and add the money together to buy a better present or add more money myself to get a better present.
Give it back to the person who bought it for you and explain your an ungrateful sod
Keep the coat, sell your ass.
Is it a coat currently on sale? Without a receipt you may find they only give you a credit note to the price it's reduced to in the sale rather than the original full price your friend/relative may have paid.

A coat is quite a personal thing to give so they may notice you not wearing it. Would you be able to say that the sizing has come up small and you would like to exchange for a bigger size and ask for receipt. Then later say they didn't have a bigger size. It would be nice to tell the gift giver that you have bought something else.
unlucky without a receipt yoiu can only trade it

post a pic i may buy it for a reduced fee
Ill buy it.
No receipt = exchange or credit note
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