Superdry windcheater jacket

    Been trying to get this coat and its like £65 in shops like cult and bank but i have been waiting for ages on littlewoods for it to come in stock as there are sometimes voucher codes going about. Anyone know any online shops that sell them a bit less?



    which jacket?
    any link

    do you know what its called
    like full name for it

    ebay it
    slightly different colours
    but theres loads of that specific one on there


    When you get one get at least a size bigger if not two they are very small made

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    Ok thanks,

    Superdry windcheater jacket

    i think thats what its called

    There are usually loads of factory seconds on eBay for between £20-30...different kinds of defects.

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    Cheers, will have a look. I have also seen these jackets with all different types of colour writing, but cant find any too except white.

    i had one of these, was black with orange writing. even with a size larger, it didnt fit me right. and the collar was huuuge.

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    Still got it shane?


    That is what it is called. I have it.

    Problem is, I think Superdry dates their jackets as mine has 08. I could be wrong though!!

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    Yeh i have seen 07,08,09 and jpn

    Go onto eBay and there is a kinda outlet kinda thing for brand new superdry Superdry items that have Large or Small faults. However some items have no faults at all If you can't find it...
    Go to [url][/url] > Community > then enter the user id "Superdrystore" and it should find it for you. Then just click on ' Sellers Items' at the end. They sell these really cheap.
    Hope this helps. :-D

    a little outdated now. their bomber and parka jackets are the in thing :thumbsup:.


    Still got it shane?

    returned it for refund. I like superdry, i have some t's and a hoody which fit just fine, but the jacket was awful. Got a pair of jeans too i never wear as they dont fit tubs like me lol.

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    Any cheaper anywhere? I have found one instock at ark clothing for £64.99 but ideally want one cheaper!
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