Superhero Party this weekend - who shall I go as??

    The obvious stuff is:


    'Superhero' also apparently includes:

    Austin Powers
    Lara Croft (for the layyy-dees)

    But I want to go as something off the wall like:

    A Ninja (Ebay - £20)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Can't find a costume)

    Any Suggestions???

    Need to have it delivered for Friday at the latest.

    In return I will post a pic of me in the costume so you can all laugh yourself silly. :wink:


    Original Poster


    Ah google search, the things it comes up with...[color=blue]click here if … Ah google search, the things it comes up with...[color=blue]click here if you dare...[/color]You could fool them all and go as superGIRL...or wonderWOMAN

    Look dont blame me Emma started it :oops:

    go as QUIDCO MAN !!!!


    Anyways - can't you MAKE a costume?? :lol:

    Art Attack style paper mache turtle shell... :P

    Original Poster

    Ok ok you shouldn't have, no no really, you shouldn't have.

    QuidCo man ha ha!!

    Anyone remember Condorman?? now that was a grrreat film!

    Ps Got my costume sorted. :-)

    What costume have you got??

    (Please don't tell me it's the wonderwoman one!!)

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    They didn't have the wonderwoman one in stock and they don't do an XL man thong ;-)

    I settled for Neo from the Matrix. I'm not a Sci-fi bloke atall and infact can barely remember the films but at 2am in the morning having tralled the net for hours looking for an unusual costume..I think I would have gone as playboy bunny.

    I would have gone as playboy bunny.

    Now THAT, I would pay to see,
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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