Supermarket Easter egg deals

    Can anyone help me with which stores have got the best deals on easter eggs at the moment??


    Run as fast as you can to your local tesco and see if they are doing this deal lol....



    I was in Asda today and it was like feeding time in a lions cage in the easter egg aisle! they seem to be doing some very cheap deals, not sure what they are as i was on the look out for a Thorntons dark chocolate egg that i got for £9.98

    eggs n asda and morrisons from 98p

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    Thanks people!

    depends what your after if its character eggs then try home bargains or B&M if its cadburys,nestle then any of the supermarkets tesco, asda, sainsburys and Morrisons all seem to be doing the standard size for about £1. Anything bigger is store specific Tesco did have the best deals afew weeks ago not sure about this week they normally have a priceing war the nearer you get to the actuall holiday.

    Check out my post here - only the deals at tesco tho (but good deals)

    Sainsbury are doing the good medium sized eggs for £1, mini egg, creme egg, smarties etc..
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