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Found 19th Dec 2017
I've recently taken a fancy to prawn crackers, and was wondering if anyone has recommendations of an (own)-brand package?
I got a bag of Sharwoods for £1 from Iceland and was expecting supermarket own brands to be much cheaper, but ASDAs own (next to the take-away style ready meals) looked tiny and were also £1.

Does anyone know of cheaper or bigger packets that can tide me over until the fancy ends?
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This isn't really the answer you're looking for but just my two cents, you can't beat uncooked and frying them up yourself, I have Blue Dragon but every now and then I get huge bags for very cheap from Chinese supermarkets. It's more hassle, probably less healthy but you get fresh, large, takeaway style prawn crackers that can't be beaten by any ready cooked.
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I have a handful of Aldi own brand prawn crackers every evening with my tea. To be honest, I've not tried any other brands, but they are nice enough for me. 89p for a large bag.
I like the tesco ones, they’re very similar to my local Chinese takeaway
My local takeaway sells them in bags for I think 60p, the supermarket ones all taste bland to me
br1xham26 h, 39 m ago

I like the tesco ones, they’re very similar to my local Chinese takeaway

The best supermarket prawn crackers I have tasted
Try your local oriental shop.

They may even have uncooked ones, which are often not only better value (e.g. 2kg for £5) but the way they expand when you fry them is fun to watch.
Not sure about those particular snacks but as for own brand I've found Asda snacks aren't too bad, Sains, can be passable and Tesco are just awful.

But I agree with EndlessWaves - try your local Chinese supermarket.
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