Supermarkets near Meadowhall

    Are there any supermarkets within walking distance of meadowhall? I require some alcoholic refreshment for the train home and can't find a supermarket at all. In fact the last one I saw was the Asda next to Chapeltown train station!



    What about S&M in Meadowhall?

    there is a sainsburys supermarket in Meadowhall itself


    What about S&M in Meadowhall?

    S&M? there'll be kids about! hahaha


    there is a sainsburys supermarket in Meadowhall itself

    There hasn't been a Sainsburys in Meadowhall but a good few years, taken down to make way for more retail shops. I visit Meadowhall quite often and can't think of any alcohol selling stores either in there or within walking distance, apart from M&S as mentioned above (at least I presume this is who he's talking about), they definitely sell food so would probably have some bottles of wine but not sure about beer etc.

    There is a sainsburys at the far end of the retail park. Bit of a long walk though.

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    The only Sainsburys was the petrol station one (It did look like a Sainsburys supermarket from a distance though!), and I somehow doubted they would sell alcoholic drinks to people paying for petrol :whistling:

    But I had a interesting train ride home without alcohol anyway as I missed the train I usually catch so had a nice tour of various South Yorkshire stations :roll:
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