Posted 27th Dec 2022
I popped into Tesco yesterday (Boxing Day) and was surprised to find not only the fresh ailes entirely empty (apart from milk) but the frozen section empty too. is that normal for boxing day, and am I likely to find it restocked today? What about the other big stores? I've an Asda near me too. I've guests coming for a party tomorrow and nothing to feed them right now
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    Im sure you'll agree, delivery drivers are entitled to a few days off over christmas rather than rushing back to work to allow the shelves to be restocked for a few unorganised people
    Don't be silly. People on holiday always want "others" to not take a break.

    It was the same during lockdowns. The people screaming the modest were the ones who wanted "others" to carry on bring stuff to their doorsteps while they were nice and safe.
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    Supermarkets generally have the deliveries towards the end of Christmas Eve.

    This year, it was absolute chaos in most stores and they ended up putting boxing day’s stock out on the shelves early to cope with demand.

    Amazon Fresh has new stock allocated. You’ll get fresh stuff delivered same day if you order now.

    Most other supermarkets should have stock trickling back in as we speak. Just don’t go first thing to give them a chance to get it out on the shelves, especially if you live a little bit further out. And of course you should still expect certain stock to be missing.

    If you aren’t in range of Amazon Fresh (although most people are these days, so do double check) then Asda will almost certainly be in a better position than Tesco right now.
    No Amazon Fresh for me unfortunately but this is still super helpful, thank you!
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    Anonymous User
    I know when I popped to Morrisons yesterday the staff said there was no delivery that day. So that’s why the shelves looked bare. If your short of food pop down mid morning and hopefully the shelves should be stocked again
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    A lot of the people in these replies must be having a terrible Christmas to be in such a bad mood to assume the worst of intentions from someone asking a question. I haven't the faintest when shops get restocked, and I was mostly curious about the entire freezer section being empty - I'd have thought most of it would last a day, I'm guessing it's been emptied for another reasons. Thanks to those who helped, and I wish some belated festive cheer for those who only want to pull others down ❤️
    To be fair, You visited a specific branch of a supermarket, found the entire chiller/freezer section empty and decided rather than ask in the supermarket the best place to ask was a deals website.

    Freezer breakdown? emptied to be cleaned whilst it was shut for a day? complete relay of the freezers condensing down the Christmas stock party food/turkeys etc? (although does seem a little early for that one due to New years eve parties).

    Nobody here is really going to know why a specific branch had empty chillers/freezers but for it to be completely empty is unusual and I would have asked just incase it wasn't back in stock today with it being so unusual. (edited)
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    Yes it's normal. The deliveries are coming in but the shelves won't be stocked for hours because they were emptied on Christmas Eve. The JIT system and cut-throat competitveness means that stores will only employ just enough staff to get the job done within a reasonable time. Of course, they could employ more people to get it done faster but then it wouldn't be as profitable as those staff aren't needed for the whole of their shift. In addition, many shops like Waitrose were closed on Boxing day so it's even more sparse when I went in today. They are still cleaning up after Christmas from the looks of things.

    The best thing to do during the festive period or when there is extraordinary demand on a shop, is come in just before noon. That way the staff will have had a chance to put the morning delivery all on the shelf. People don't realise that by asking 'do you have x round the back' it delays putting things out. (edited)
    "People don't realise that by asking 'do you have x round the back' it delays putting things out".

    Some people don't have all day to select the optimum time to shop. Most people wouldn't know the optimum time even if they did.

    If a shop is open, people will shop it. If the shelf is empty, they can ask if it's in the warehouse and a staff member will look for it. It's called customer service.
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    Does anyone know many other countries where everything just shuts down completely for a day? Including public transport? Out of the 6 countries where I have lived (4 Western economies), the UK is the only one that does this. Even Italy doesn't shut down public transport entirely on any day. And then we wonder why shelves are bare the next morning.
    it's crazy in the modern age for a first world country to close down entirely for the festivities, especially as christians aren't even the majority of the population in the UK as far as I am aware!

    i remember taking my brother to A&E on christmas eve one year and it was a really really long wait as there were very few doctors on shift because it was christmas.
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    Looks like you'll either have to drive around looking for food or... get good at baking and cooking from scratch.
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    No fresh bread in mine i fancied a baguette too!
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    You do know stores get filled overnight don't you, and some folks actually want a few days off work.

    Last delivery will have been Xmas eve then a fresh delivery on boxing day to put out boxing day night.
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    In order for supermarkets to have a fresh stock ready for Boxing day.

    Supplier/producer would have to pack Christmas eve/Christmas day - Deliver Christmas day to depot

    Supermarket warehouse would have to pick the orders Christmas day ready for loading/delivery overnight or next morning.

    Usually it's delivered into Depots Boxing day so available the day after. (edited)
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    or do like me and do a full shop on Christmas eve where everything is reduced by 50-75% inc turkeys. Freeze what you can.

    No need to pay full price and get ripped off, i beat COL/inflation by doing this.

    And i wonder how the suprmarkerts get away with all the price increases. (edited)
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    I have experienced this most years and plan my shopping accordingly. If warehouses / manufacturing locations are on holiday the previous day, it is unrealistic to expect fresh stock the next morning.
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    Went to my local Aldi today around 10am and the veg section was completely bare. Many other areas had absolute minimum stock levels. So looks like all supermarkets were emptied before Christmas.
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    Geez, I wonder how some people who cope if they lived in countries where the shops didn't open for several days over Christmas ?. Going to the sales on Boxing Day is one thing, but the supermarkets were open everyday right up to the evening on Christmas Eve, and this year (which to me is unusual and pure greed on the part of both the operators and the customers) they've all reopened on Boxing Day, plenty of time to get fully stocked up for parties. Yet people are still complaining. I know this is a deals website but it's rather 'sad' that some people are so shopping-orientated. I'd love to see how such people would have 'coped' 40 years ago when often shops closed for half-day midweek, there was no Sunday opening, no internet, no delivery services and so forth. (edited)
    I think they would have coped just fine - I guess you get used to things being open all the time and things being available, so especially if you are restricted on space, you just pick stuff up as and when you need it.
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    i went to my local sainsburys this afternoon and there wasn't much on sale. the shelves were empty and not restocked. i did find eggs though, which had been put out yesterday, just about 4 boxes.
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