Superwhy has anybody heard of it ?????

    Hi my daughter loves superwhy which is shown on nick jnr and at 2 years old is quite well into her abc's thanks to this programme ( who said tv wasn't educational ).
    Does anybody know where I can find any dvds etc, I have searched everywhere and all the usual places but to no avail.


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    Thanks, sorry I should have stated I am looking for dvd's and the such

    My 3 yr old daughter loves this programme and whilst her 7yr old sister won't admit it, I think she does too!! Great new programme but haven't seen anything for it yet.

    My two and four year old both love it too! Havent seen any dvds though.

    The only place in the uk that i can find dvds is of fleabay, although im sure they will be here soon as you can buy the books on amazon, my daughter is 2 1/2 and knows what time this is on. but on a good point she has also learned many letters from the alphabet from watching it.

    My 3 year old loves it too. I've been looking for quite a few months but can't find anything apart from on amazon. Thought they would have brought out some more stuff by now.

    My 2 both love it! 3 and 6 yr olds.

    Hopefully there will be stuff to buy soon
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