Support Our Soldiers Charity!!

    Hi, Some of you may recall me writing on here a while ago about being an area coordinator for
    Many of you gave me a lot of support suggesting companies to contact for donations, im still looking for more companies to contact if you have any more suggestions.

    Becksdaw and Crazy were particularly helpful.

    Anyway, the latest news on support our soldiers is that yesterday we were granted charity status which will now make it easier to approach companies and do fund raising to raise funds to buy things that are required to send to the troops in Afganistan and Iraq.

    We were also campaigning for free postage - instead of paying the £6 per shoe box it was costing to get it to London, and then the RAF were taking the boxes to their destinations for free - this has helped as there is now free postage from September 3rd - 9th November and then the free christmas postage that takes place every year kicks in.
    We are however campigning still to get the free postage for after christmas also to enable families and friends of loved ones to be able to send parcels to boost morale - so please sign the petition on the under the notice board section there is a link.


    :thumbsup: You know you got my support

    A list of companys may be handy - those you have already contacted.

    Sounds like a spiffing good idea and you have my support as well :thumbsup:

    Keep up the good work and I am sure the boys (and girls) will appreciate your hard work :-D

    is the link correct ? it looks like a US site to me.....

    Just noticed the first site you quote is correct the second one isn't...

    Edit - petition signed - its appalling there is only 1500 signatures.....if many HDUKers don't sign up for this maybe we should agree to rep them if they do!!


    is the link correct ? it looks like a US site to me.....Just noticed the … is the link correct ? it looks like a US site to me.....Just noticed the first site you quote is correct the second one isn't...

    The link is.
    Try ]this one

    Original Poster

    oops sorry! thanks for correcting my link!! having a blonde moment there... yeah its ]

    Original Poster

    List of companies... hmmm, where to start. seems so many. So if you can just think of any and i will attempt to compile a list.
    Im currently looking for companies to source santa hats and mini christmas cakes as a fun element aspect of the shoe boxes.

    Apart from that any companies that can supply confectionary and toilitries

    I'm probably stating the obvious here but what about the big supermarket chains for the mini xmas cakes? The stores could get a great deal of publicity from would be a good incentive for them to get involved.

    Allan Leighton the Chairman of Royal Mail used to be the ex-chief exec (or chair) of Asda - could be a convenient partnership. Asda do the cakes - Royal Mail send them out...

    Original Poster

    Im going to Approach my local Asda in the next week or so, hopefully they will be able to help me out.


    Well done you're doing a great job- the more people who are aware of the petition the better. I'm going to print a copy off and circulate around friends and family, if only everyone would do the same. ! I know it's the small things sent from home that mean so much to our loved ones! It's a matter that's very close to my heart and it's time we started looking after our boys (and girls) while they fighting for queen, country and hotukdealers

    Keep up the good work!
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