Surely a suspect site for DVDs?!?!

    What do you guys think to this site :…169 ...

    My father rang me today, asking if i could order 'Everyone loves Raymond' from them as an xmas present for my mother. Ill rather not though, its a dodgy site if ever i saw one !!! I assume no one here has ever ordered, or heard of them?


    Never ordered from there but nearly did from an IDENTICAL site a few months back, stopped at the last minute as there was just something a bit weird about it.

    Just looks like a site selling pirate copies to me


    ODB_69 has asked about them before >


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    ODB_69 has asked about them before … ODB_69 has asked about them before > ]

    ... Thanks thats exactly what im looking for :thumbsup: Talk about a speedy and helpful service from you guys :-D

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    Avoid like the plague :thumbsup:

    I intend to thanks :thumbsup: Interesting i heard someone ask about the NDS bundle from gadget-asia (from the other thread it is obviously the same company) a few weeks ago on hotdeals and LOL'd at the wiffyness of it. :roll:

    EDIT: Yeah, thanks Sigma. I already checked find-dvd when my father told me about the site and saw that you couldnt buy the complete set on its own. This set alarm bells ringing before i even looked at ioogames. Unfortunately i doubt he (or rather I) will go to all the bother of ordering them individually LOL.

    The site is registered to someone in China and the domain registrar is in the US, so its probably counterfeit DVDs. This means (I think) thats its not covered by the UK Companies Act and as it does not display its trading address or contact details on its website and payment is via PayPal then you can bet your bottom dollar that its no legal! lol :-D
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