Suremen last 8 sweepstake - have you entered?

    Basically, on promotional cans of suremen you get these codes which I only just noticed (two layer things, peel back layer to reveal code) and you enter them on They give you a random team and if they get to quarters you get £5, semis £15, Final £25, winners is £50 cheque.
    I got two cans and entered both codes and I have Italy and Uruguay as my teams; I think that is a guaranteed £5 with Italy's group. Uruguay stand an okay(ish) chance too.

    So, if you buy suremen, check your can to see if it is one of the promotional cans! Goodluck with the random team that you get picked.


    yeah so far I have had Ivory coast, Greece and Nigeria (I think). Gonna keep buying them as seems like a great deal to me for something I was going to buy anyway.

    Lol. I got Nigeria.

    I have USA, Serbia and Brazil.:thumbsup:


    I have USA, Serbia and Brazil.:thumbsup:

    You must have been chuffed when you saw you had Brazil...:-D

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    I'm chuffed with Italy myself. I think its a max of 12 entry per person.

    I got something like Honolulas.
    Didn't even know they had a team

    I got spain and south korea?! or someone like that pleased with spain though!

    south korea, germany and brazil

    whoop whoop - happy enough - plus if they do win its free money

    It says keep your label as proof - how? The half with the code on doesnt peel off!

    paraguay, not holding much hope for them

    got hosts south africa

    I got usa and australia

    Just got Japan

    Says in FAQ you MIGHT need the sticker to claim, but I cant peel it off!
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