Surface 4 or 2 in 1?

    I got a choise between Surface pro 4(i5,4GB,128GB) and lenovo yoga 510(i7,8gb,256gb,14") Which one is a better buy on your opinion?


    From what I can see looking at the Yoga online I'd go with that, unless you need a truer tablet form factor - and Windows is pretty dire as a tablet OS. I haven't used mine like a tablet for months, since it's just easier to use my phone than a Windows machine in that sort of use-case and the on-screen keyboard is utter rubbish compared with the keyboards on iOS and Androids - or even Windows Phone (bizarrely).

    I have a Surface and I've had a various other models of Surface too - and whilst I like it as a gadget I find its top-heavy build and flimsy stand awkward for 'slobbing out' with, where a laptop is infinitely adjustable and very stable on the lap. I use my MacBook Air more than my Surface, despite its inferior screen, and if I were taking my Surface out I wouldn't feel like I could do so without one of the keyboard covers I have - so I usually end up taking the MacBook out anyway!

    The Surface is a nice gadget but in my opinion the form factor and convenience of a laptop will suit *most* people; however I do hear a lot of people saying they couldn't be without their Surface, so there are definitely fans out there.

    I guess ultimately you have to decide which is likely to suit you, but ultimately the Surface is a compromised laptop in terms of form-factor - even with the newest touch cover, which is a big step up from previous iterations.
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    My finger has been hovering over the buy now for this one all morning...…NTB

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    My finger has been hovering over the buy now for this one all … My finger has been hovering over the buy now for this one all morning...

    i suppose this is better
    Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor
    RAM: 8 GB DDR4 / Storage: 256 GB SSD
    Graphics: AMD Radeon R5 M430
    For 645?

    If that's the Lenovo machine in your first post I would urge you to do some googling before buying one.

    A while ago Lenovo installed spyware on their machines (Superfish), they were caught and said they would stop it, several months later they were back at it again...…dal

    I don't know if this is still the practice but once upon a time a 3rd party used to handle system updates for Lenovo and a few updates ended up bricking quite a lot of laptops, one of mine included...…os/

    surface is absolutely amazing. but it all depends what your planning to use it for
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