Surface Pro 4 Core M3 vs Dell XPS 12?

Found 30th Aug 2017
Looking for a convertible laptop and came across two deals. I'm not computer savvy at all really, just read a few reviews, and just need guiding in the right direction.

1. Surface Pro 4 with type over & pen £649 Currys:-…175

2. Dell XPS £449 John Lewis:-…007

Is the Surface really worth £200 more than the Dell?
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You can find the i5 version of the surface in Currys or PC world for £450. Have a look on here for the deal. I went into a store and they had two, they are display units, but one hadn't even been used. You basically pay for it then they take a few hours getting the demo mode off. I didn't go for it in the end due to only 4GB of ram, but it's a nice step up from the M3 and cheaper too.
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