Posted 19th Mar 2022
My windscribe VPN expires soon, so I’m looking for an alternative and thought I’d try Surfshark (currently saying £45 for two years).

However, when I click through to order, it’s adding 20% UK tax, taking the total to £54. I’ve tried various UK locations, but still the same.

I just tried changing the drop down bar to the US, and it removes the tax element (as the pic) but I assume I can’t purchase from there using a UK credit card? Any way round the tax element?

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    Hopefully, you are not one of those who rant about Amazon and Starbucks not paying their "fair" share of tax.
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    Been posted before: there's a freephone hotline to specifically assist with this type of question: 0800 788 887

    Posted using FastestVPN which probably isn't, but one-off VATless £12.60 equivalent provides lifetime sub of 15 simultaneous connections where any one or all of those 15 simultaneous logins can be routers feeding multiple downstream devices. Torrent-friendly, adblock, etc will be fine for most non-anti-society uses unless your name is J.
    Offer at…eal less 17% discount code special2020

    You can call the freephone number after purchase to sort the VAT.
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    Just find a random postcode in Jersey and make up an address.. that usually works for Alibaba and AliExpress for digital stuff
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    Just change it to the UAE or something, transaction goes through fine with UK card
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    I tried that & paid by PayPal but the Payment not authorised.
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