Surprise in the Lift.

    Moshe, just 4 feet tall, is in a lift on his own when, on the 3rd floor, a giant of a man gets into the lift with him. Hes so big that Moshe just cant help staring up at him. The giant sees Moshe staring at him and says, "Yes, Im big, arent I? Im 7 feet 3 inches, 330 pounds, 25 inch p****, 2 pounds each test icicle, Turner Brown."

    Moshe says, "Oy Vay," and immediately faints to the floor. The giant kneels down and starts to gently slap Moshes face and shake him. When Moshe gains consciousness, the giant asks him, "Is there anything wrong with you?"

    In a croaky voice, Moshe replies, "What exactly did you say to me just before?"

    The giant replies, "I saw the look on your face when you first saw me and thought Id give you answers to the questions going through your mind. So I told you I'm 7 feet 3 inches tall, weigh 330 pounds, have a 25 inch p****, each of my test icicles weigh 2 pounds and my name is Turner Brown."
    Moshe says, "Thank goodness, I thought you said, 'turn around.'"

    Yes, it is me
    - skusey





    he wishes :-D

    15 inches, is that all!

    mrs skusey;4095471

    15 inches, is that all!

    this, coming from Mrs Skusey, lol! :-D

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