Surround Sound 5.1? Sony DAV-SR1??

    Currenty I have a logitech sound system hooked to my tv etc..., think this is meant for a PC but it does a decent job but been thinking of investing in a 5.1 system.

    My setup is a 37" Samsung TV, xBox 360, Sky+, Wii

    So whats the cheapest 'proper' surround sound system I can get that will do a good job? Also I've seen a Sony DAV-SR1 going second hand for around £100 is this a good price?

    Help is appreciated and rep for all!

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    i have a sony tv , was guna get the surround to match , but read on av forums they aint the best . Going off what i read i would stay clear mate , have a look on av forums your self and search the model
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