surround sound for xbox 360

    Can somebody help me, I am currently running my xbox 360 audio through my dvd cinema system, I understand this is not the best way to do it and maybe try it through a media set up. Is this correct and if so please advise me on a cheap(ish) abot £100 system that will do a better job than i have now



    ??? I would have thought thats the best way myself!

    You're basically looking for one with Optical input Couldn't advise you on the best one though I got my LG DAT200 system for £65 off ebay old (and extremely ugly) but does the job


    Have you set up your xbox using an opticalinput to the dvd system?

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    No i purcahsed audio cables and plugged into dvd and run the sound through AUX 1


    If it has an optical cable input port connect it through that and sound will be better.

    I've just got mine set up using that method and sound quality is excellent

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    Thanks for that i will try it

    yeah just buy a digital optical lead, this plugs into the back of the av lead and then into your surround sound system.

    Works great :thumbsup:

    aye toslink cable can be picked up for a few quid.
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