Surround sound help please.

    Hi All,

    I have a Philips DVP5980 DVD Player and would like to turn it into a surround sound system. Is this possible to do or should I purchase a complete new system?

    Thanks for any advice you send My way,

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    As you already got a DVD player there are two options available a all in one system or a separates system.

    All in one system you will be get an amp and speakers in the box. But these offer little chance of upgrading the system in the future and if any part develops a fault you will have throw the whole lot away normally. an example of a all in one system is this]http//ww…nre

    Separates system you buy the amp and speakers separately and this will give you upgrade the system in future and normally a better connectivity and performance. Here is a cheap amp and speakers. ]http//ww…500]http//ww…blk
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