Surround sound speakers?

    Hi Everyone.

    I am interested in getting some surround speakers. I have seen two types but I cannot seem to find a genuine review of them.

    First one I am not sure I really want but the second I might go for. I currently have a Jamo A102HCS5 set but they don't seem very good for music and I want bigger floor standing speakers. Just seeing if anyone has the two sets I am looking at and can give an opinion obviously they are very cheap but where I live I don't play music loud for long and mostly watch films.



    Any information appreciated.


    I looked at the Hyundai ones but couldn't find a definitive review.ended up with a set of tannoys ,and haven't looked back!!

    I don't think they would be an upgrade from your current set

    Original Poster

    Thanks which Tannoy set did you go for the sfx? That is the other thing I guess the fronts would want to be setup as large speakers but may struggle with bass and I would keep my Jamo sub. Just wondered if anyone had a set and thought they were any good as I have only ever had satellite surround sound speakers.
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