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    I am looking for surround sound speakers but have no idea where to start. I currently have a Sony Bravia HD TV with the following things;
    - Playstation 3
    - Nintendo Wii
    - Xbox 360
    - Sky + (Soon to be Sky HD)

    I need a surround sound unit that will support all of the above. I have been looking but I am starting to get confused and have the following questions.

    1) Most the surround sound systems out there come with their own DVD player which I dont want. For instance something like this…tml . Is it possible to get something like this without the DVD player?

    2) What will I be connecting the PS3 and 360 with to the surround sound unit? Do I need something with HDMI inputs or I have heard about optical cable but have no idea what they are.
    How does the connection work, would it be split? For instance, the hdmi connecting straight to the TV for the picture and optical cable to the surround sound unit for the sound? Or would it all go through the surround sound unit?

    3) Say I am watching sky and I want to put the volume down. Could I do this with the sky plus remote or do I need to do this through the surround sound unit?

    4) Can someone please recommend a surround sound system for me. The main reason I want it for is distrubuting the sound evenly throughout the room, so therefore I dont need something that is really flashy but at the same time not something too cheap. My budget is around £200, I dont know whether that is realistic for what I need so if something is above that please still recommend it but I would like to keep the costs down as much as possible.

    5) I am also looking for a very basic 2 speaker system for my room which only has a dvd player and a sky box. If someone can recommend anything for this as well I will be very greatful.

    Sorry for the noob questions. I have never had a surround sound system before and have no idea how it works. Ive been wanting to ask for ages, but didnt really know what forums to ask on. People tend to be very helpful and friendly on here so I thought I would give it a go.

    Thanks in advance to any replys.


    Check out Richer Sounds...Won't get one for £200 though more like £800. Onkyo processor and Kef speakers will do the business for you...Good luck....

    1. yes you can just buy "seperates".. ie a amp and 2 speakers..
    2. you connect the hdmi to the tv and buy optical leads for connecting to the amp for sound.
    3. you need to use the amp remote.. or buy a all in one remote above richer sounds is the best place to start.. but i would say you need to set aside at least £300 for everything inc cables... best to go into store and see what they recommend.. they are very good and know what they are talking about.

    Andy :thumbsup:

    i have some silver sony speakers


    Check out Richer Sounds...Won't get one for £200 though more like £800. O … Check out Richer Sounds...Won't get one for £200 though more like £800. Onkyo processor and Kef speakers will do the business for you...Good luck....

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    Have a look at the Sony HTSS1300 (or HTSF1300 if you want 'tallboy' floorstanders). I use it with a Wii, XBox, Popcorn Hour and Sony Bluray player and I reckon it's a cracking little AV receiver (includes an AM/FM tuner). It has 3 HDMI inputs, which is hard to find for the smaller profile systems, and if you have a Bravia TV it uses Bravia Link so the two work together seamlessly. It's a Class D power amp, so it runs very cool and has more than enough power for even large rooms.

    It's now been replaced by the HT-SS2300 which is virtually identical, main difference is styling so it now matches the Sony Bluray players with the blue front panel. The 1300 was a lot cheaper when I bought mine, so you might be able to get a good deal if you can find one.


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    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I will have a look into it, rep left for all.…tml

    thats what im going to get, i have done quite a bit of research and i have the exact same needs as you. I also know a fair bit about hifis.

    hope this helps, this sounds very good on 5.1

    i have the sony htss1100 which cost £200 for five surround speakers, subwoofer and a slim (and sexy) amplifier. it has 1000watts and even comes with a tiny microphone that looks like a spaceship which auto calibrates the distance and volume of each speakers to your sofa. i use it for my ps3 and sky hd. i'm very happy with it, the speakers are quite discreet and i like the slim amplifier which is good if you're short on component space. it will also carry your hdmi video and will accept two hdmi inputs and chuck them out of one hdmi output, so you free up one of your tvs hdmi sockets.…100

    optical is the best connection for audio. as for your equipment, you have three that support optical output (ps3, sky and xbox360) and this amp has only 2 optical inputs. you could get an optical splitter, cost around £5 which will accept two optical inputs and give you 1 optical output for both. if you do it this way you have enough hdmi ports and optical ports to get the best out of all your equipment.

    if you want any info on this give me a shout, ill even draw you a pic of how i think it could all be connected

    i would connect your ps3 via HDMI video and OPTICAL audio to the amp. Your Sky + or HD would be video to the TV and OPTICAL audio to an optical splitter to the amp. XBOX360 would be video to the tv and OPTICAL audio to an optical splitter to the amp. Your Wii would be connect by video to the tv and phono plugs to the amp.

    forgot to add, check out [url][/url] for quality info on this sort of thing
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