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Found 10th Aug 2010
I am moving into a new house and want to buy a projector instead of a tv. Need something to pump the sound out of, but havent got that much left to spend.

Doesnt need to be anything special, either 2.1 or 5.1, a low price is the main thing I'm after. Something along the lines of:


but perhaps closer to the £25 mark. Thanks in advance...
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Wouldnt recommend swapping tv for projector, I had both for a long time, Only used the projector for blu rays and the odd bash on the 360/ps3. Unless you have a room which you can black out and dont mind watching tv in the dark all the time its not really worth it.
We're sick of watching TV so all it'll be used for is gaming and DVDs. Plus this way we wont have to pay for a TV licence. We have a big white wall which is just asking to be projected on!
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