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    need some help from all you deal experts out there. I have been looking for a new surround sound system and have noticed that some units now include HDMI Switching (2 into 1 or 3 into 1). I don't mind if you can give me some pointers on either surround sound with speaker packages or the surround sound unit and the speakers on their own. I have seen poor reviews of the Sony package:]http//ww…tml. I would like 7.1 surround if possible, 6.1 at a push. I currently have an older Yamaha unit, which has been superb (over 7 years old now) but this does not do DTS and I am getting sound drop outs over coaxial with my new Toshiba SD360E HDMI DVD Player. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone as an HDMI auto switch is about £80+ so if I can incorporate this into a surround sound system then I would save some cash. Just looking for suggestions as the best places to buy from, many thanks.


    6.1 and 7.1 aren't really worth the money unless its a very big room, in fact they sound a lot worse than 5.1 if the speakers are too close together (the rear channels merge and sound mono)

    if i understand what your after correctly its an all-in-one home cinema system with multiple HDMI in ports? Unfortunately they dont exist, that link is a Receiver + Speaker package

    Its a separates system that you need, these would be good:…789…005
    + a HDMI upscaling DVD player (can get these anywhere and most are pretty good, look around the £80 to £100 mark)

    EDIT: Oops, didnt read your post properly. Hadnt realised you already have the DVD Player

    probably not the cheapest store though, maybe someone on here could help with the price?

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    many thanks for being the first to respond to my request. I will have a look at these, as you say hopefully someone can come up with a good price. Good taste in Audio kit BTW, KEF and Denon, richer taste never mind richer sounds. But you do get what you pay for so thanks for taking the time.
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