Surround sound with no speakers.

    In a DVD magazine, I recently read an article advertising a Sony (I think) amp/speaker system, which consisted of a single box underneath the LCD TV, which outputted 5.1 surround sound, without the need for speakers & wires. I'm not 100% sure about these systems & I apologize if this is common knowledge, but I really am interested in something like this when I upgrade my TV to an HD, to go together with my PS3 & Blu-ray movies. I'm sick of wires & mess, so my question is, are these any good, or are they just a gimmick? Also what kind of price am I looking at & do they output the new HD soundtracks?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi videonastie
    I have been looking at the yahama 500 speaker system looks and sounds good its priced at over £400 at most place but on this link its £291…952

    there are af ew reviews if you search online hope this helps

    Sony have system I think you are talking about.
    I bought a GT800 model about 5 months for £600, however Costco's now have in for £400.
    I have linked mine to the latest Panasonic TV and Ble-ray player which I bought 6 weeks ago.
    The sound is fantastic, I highly recommend it.

    I've never heard these used, so cannot comment on quality, but I remember 7-8 years ago TV's used to come with 'virtual surround sound', which was a load of poop. For the price, they must do something right, but I would be worried about things getting in the way and the sounds being reflecting and interfering all over the place. Maybe wireless speakers would be an option for you?

    I think this may be what you're looking for…tem

    Out of stock at the moment but, should come back in at some point and this price is hard to beat at the moment.

    From the review I've read its good if you dont fancy wires around your living room:-D

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    Thanks for all the info guys. I'm still in the research stage, but I want it to be able to output HD sound.

    There are so many differing views, it drives you mad sometimes:p

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    What are the general opinions of the Denon DHT-FS3 X-SPACE?

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    From the reviews I've read, the soundbars are just not gonna cut it. I think I'm gonna go down the amp & speakers route. The problem is the size, ideally I'd like to downsize. I currently have a Yamaha DSP-AX750SE & Morduant Short speakers, which are floor standing. The sub is the Avant 909. My current amp can't output HD quality sound, but I'm not sure on the speaker side. If I bought a new amp, would the speakers/amp be fine? Also what small amps output HD sound at a good quality?
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