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Found 30th Jul 2007
Hi, i just missed out on the bush home cinema system for £23.44 delivered. so i am wondering if anyone could find a deal for a similar price for a surround sound home cinema system i can use my tv/xbox360 with (pref. 5.1speakers).


i found this one, but i was wondering if anyone could find any others ?

Also where is the cheapest to get microsoft points, i have seen many on ebay but there about £20 when you add postage. cheapest ive come across is £16.95 with free postage. so i was wondering if there only £17.50 in highstreet stores, could anyone find me a voucher code.
Hopefully, i will be able to get one for around £12 :roll:


game code for 5 quid of 30 quid spend, if u buy two lots voucher might work

Game code for £5 does work fine when you buy two sets of points.

Quidco only tracks at 3% because the points cards are classed as hardware.

Which should take the total down to £29.10 (£14.55 each), or £15 each is you don't go via Quidco.

cheers for clearing that up forza

No worries, I ordered 2 sets of 2100 points on Friday using the code, and they have been delivered today. Only 30 days to wait until Sensible Soccer is available on xbla! :-D

how do theys connect to xbox or do u have to have a cooler king

You need a 5.1 system that has optical connections to get 5.1 surround sound out of your xbox 360

I purchased the Pioneer surround sound system from play at christmas for £130 and it's an amazing system and only used the voulme half way as it is very powerful

I'm cheeky.
I use my VGA Cable to input sound into my sound input in my pc.
I then have my 5.1 plugged into my PC and get 5.1 sound without paying over the odds.

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can the original xbox live 12month subscriptions be used on xbox 360s ? e.g. the original xbox starter kits. because i can pick one up for around £10-£20 but not sure if can be used on the xbox 360 :?

yeah i'm pretty sure they can. Mind telling me where ???
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