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Hi all. We requested a surveyors report for our house. We where told it would take 2-3 days to put together. 10 days on and numerous phone calls later we still do not have the document. I don't really have the time to commission another one and can't afford to pay twice. Is it reasonable to wait this long and to have this poor service. I chose a RSIC registered business, can I complain to someone?

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2 weekends, one being a bank holiday weekend causing the delay?

I used to work for a surveyors typing up these reports years ago. They were always typed up that day or next morning, checked and sent out within 48 hours. With modern technology I can see no reason why it would take longer.

Just curious why you are requesting a surveyors report on your own house ? Usually you survey a house you are buying.

The person whose name the report is in can sue they surveyor , so they are no use to buyers as it is not in their name and if you were remortgaging or getting a loan on your own house the lender will insist on a surveyor from their panel.

Unless you are talking about an energy performance certificate , which is not a survey and less useful than toilet paper.

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Thanks for your help. Ithe report was to repay a helptobuy loan on the house

Took about 3 weeks for my structural survey report to come through but I wasn't complaining. Incidentally some mortgage companies will accept a survey report not done in the buyer's name. Valuation survey would need to be in the buyer's name but if the lender required a structural survey as well then this can be in the seller's name.
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