Found 25th Jul 2014
Anyone else seen this game on Kickstarter?
Looks like it has a lot of potential to be a really good game,only £6 for it but will be about a year until you get it.
I'm in for £6 at the minute but might upgrade to get the Alpha copy at £14.
Plenty of time to change my pledge and it's well over target now and still rising.…hts

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Looks good, a lot of games are going down this root! I don't know if that's because there easier to create, my personal opinion as a semi-professional game developer would be that they are! But really needs to have a unique features to detract all the people who are playing Day Z! Until people can see what that game is missing as a survival zombie post apocalyptic game, nobody will go to a different game.

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I get put off Dayz just from how reviewers on Steam have said that you get no chance to get a feel for the game before some experienced player just runs up and kills you or knocks you unconscious and takes your clothes/stuff.
Some have also said it's less about zombies and a much higher chance of getting offed by another player.
Just puts me off getting it,whenever it comes under a fiver or something I might get it though.

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I still think someone needs to make a city builder/zombie survival game which is more like Anno,Settlers,Banished etc that kind of game,like Project Zomboid but more polished.

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Anyone else?
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