Suspended/Banned by Names?

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Found 15th Dec 2014
I often see the words Suspended or Banned alongside a members name yet they are still posting comments. What does these words mean then as normally when your suspended/banned you cannot enter the site? Have I got the wrong idea?

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Suspended/Banned means that any existing postings they have remain on the site, otherwise it ends up confusing when a conversation appears but only one side of it. You're probably seeing posts that were made not long before a banning. Otherwise the user cannot access the site to post comments until the suspension is up. Banned means permanent sin bin never to return.
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I too have come across this and didn't know how they were still a member... thanks for the clarification.

I wear suspenders and can still post a comment!

There is an image (for banned) that some members use that when they post a comment it looks like the member they are replying to is banned

It's funny and it looks real

Like this one hotukdeals.com/mis…922

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