Suspension bike

    Suspension mens bike

    cheap as possible for an adult


    Think of suspension and cheap as being mutually exclusive for bikes.

    If you're after one cheap, go for a solid, rigid bike. If it's for road and light off-road use I'd recommend Halfords Carrera Subway1. Light, good frame and spec, won't start falling apart after a couple of months, and up for most things (ie commuting, recreational cycling, light off-roading).

    Suspension on a bike is pointless unless you are doing regular and fairly heavy off-roading. And if you're doing that, the last thing you want is a bike with suspension that was the cheapest you could find. At the bottom end of the prices for bikes, suspension will be heavy and of poor quality. So unless you've got a reasonable budget, don't bother with suspension, it will only dissappoint and then discourage you from using the bike.
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