Suspicious email from eBay about winning an iPhone

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Found 11th Jan 2011
eBay and have decided to award 10 Apple iPhone 4 32GB Factory Unlocked 24k Gold to 10 eBay members. The winners have been chosen randomly from the eBay memberlist and we must inform you that you are one of them.

In order to claim your prize, you must buy a paysafecard voucher of £75 from your nearest PayPoint Store. When buying a paysafecard you get a 16-digit PIN printout that you can enter by clicking the Voucher Validation button. It’s very easy – no personal data or bank account details are required.
In the moment we receive the paysafecard voucher, we will check it in our database and if it's valid, we will contact you to provide shipping details. Also, after the validation of the paysafecard voucher, you can use it to shop online.

It looks exactly like an ebay email, its from [email protected]

Any ideas


scam email ebay about this if I were you.

Their going to take your £75 paysafe voucher and spend it. Abit obv.
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if it was genuine it would be in your ebay account messages

Original Poster

oh really just checking, it was tempting though hahah

It's very easy to change your email address 'name' to whatever you want.

LOL why would ebay MOTORS message you about winning a iphone LMAO

It's a scam....... NEXT!

Have you been to the website in question?

Some people should never be allowed internet access.

Op this definite scam but I have a cousin in Nigeria who has $10million he needs putting in a bank for safe keeping pm your bank details you will not be disappointed

1. If you won something you would not have to pay £75 to effectively claim it.

2. Even Hash112 this site's favourite simpleton has caught onto the idea that it is a scam.

3. Ebay give away 10 iphones you having a laugh? they begrudge giving free insertion days !!
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If only everyone was as clever as you, I have never heard of such a pig-ignorant person as you!


Having said that, OP, why would they want you to spend 75 quid on a paysafe card? lol.
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