Suspicious site?

Found 1st Jan
My friend wants to order from this website but I'm think it may be fake? I've told her to hang off and I know there is a way to check the backround on it but I can't remember how? any help appreciate, TIA
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Website registered 20/10/17 according to .
Scamadviser states suspicious.
best to a avoid.
Tell her to avoid it.
Just looked at the website, somethings not right. They offer free international shipping, designer clothes at half retail price, no address given on website under contact or returns.
Under shipping and returns, D2, the sentence does not read in good English and when you choose a product the website shows productoverzicht which is Dutch.
Looks to me like this website has been cut and pasted from other sites
You have never heard of the website, steer clear man.
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Thank you all! Knew it was suss, shes avoiding now !
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